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We wish to grow our business by making your business grow we intend to create the largest business network with Channel Partners in India and across Globe.

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    Terms & Conditions

    1) Minimum price of the said Units will be informed to CP from time to time and they shall arrange to sell the said Units above the said minimum prices.
    2) The arrangement is strictly non-exclusive i.e. there will be other Channel Partners working for us and other group of Companies.
    3) The channel partner shall be responsible and liable for any wrong information and unauthorized commitment given to the clients on our behalf.
    4) Channel Partner will be entitled to commission on the basic price of the Unit (i.e. excluding Infrastructure Development Charges, stamp duty, registration fees, GST, legal charges, extra amenities, car parking, society formation charges, maintenance charges or any other government charges)
    5) Channel Partners compulsorily have to come with the clients right from first Visit & every visit.